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What is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy refers to a legal proceeding involving an individual or corporation, when they are unable to repay their debt. Although not all debt may be discharged, it offers a chance to get back on track with some financial relief.
Filing for bankruptcy may be your best option when you have delinquent income tax, your wages are being garnished, you’re facing lawsuits for delinquent bills, or you’re using credit cards for necessities and taking frequent payday loans.

How will filing for bankruptcy benefit you?

You’ll be discharged from the majority of your debts

Harassment by unsecured creditors will stop

Unsecured creditors will not be able to take legal action for recovering debts

Is filing for bankruptcy the best solution?

In certain conditions, filing for bankruptcy might be the only solution for obtaining some financial relief.
  • Bankruptcy is available on your public record with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy
  • It does not discharge child support and unliquidated debts

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy

No, bankruptcy can help you get rid of some but not all debts. For instance, it does not discharge child support, alimony and unliquidated debts. Unsecured debt from credit cards and hospital bills may be forgiven in most cases.
Most efforts by creditors to collect pre-petition debt or to repossess your property without the court’s permission are violations of the automatic stay. The court may take action against the creditor who violates the stay order and the creditor shall be liable to the debtor for the harm caused.
Yes, all your debts and creditors must be listed.


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